About SvampTur

SvampTur was started by Louise Nevander, who is a certified mushroom guide and who loves going mushroom hunting and cooking with mushrooms! Her career as a forager started at the age of three when she followed her parents to the woods picking mushrooms (before she could properly pronounce “chanterelles”) and for the last couple of years, she has been developing her forest and mushroom interest even more, taking mushroom courses both at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala and, most recently, at Åsa folkhögskola, where she received her Mushroom Guide diploma. Louise studied pedagogy at Malmö University.

Louise also holds a Master of Social Science degree with a major in Human Ecology and a Master of Laws degree from Lund University. Except for her , she also has experience of leading groups as a university teacher, skiing instructor, tennis coach, gymnastics coach, and as leader of interactive theatre plays.

Louise lives in Lund and goes mushroom hunting mainly in the southern Swedish region of Skåne, but also enjoys picking mushrooms in the region of Dalarna (way up North for someone from Skåne, but still really not further north than the most northern part of the most southern third of Sweden… still always referred to as “the North”). She leads mushroom excursions and mushroom courses with a focus on edible mushrooms.

Louise is a member of ”Svampkonsulenternas Riksförbund”, the National Association of Mushroom Consulents in Sweden, and is a board member of “Puggehatten – Skånes Mykologiska Förening”, the Regional Mushroom Association of Skåne.