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Are you dreaming about an abundance of porcini mushrooms or golden chanterelles in a forest of your own? At SvampTur, we sure are! Discover the beautiful forests of Sweden and its delicious fungi in the company of a mushroom guide, who can show you the best parts of it!

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Maybe you would like to plan something different with your friends? Are you into hiking and nature, and would like to try an activity that is also perfect for children? Or maybe you want to do something new with your spouse, or are looking for that special birthday gift for an old friend? Go for an experience in the amazing Swedish nature!

A private guided tour with a mushroom expert is a great way for a tourist in Sweden to get a glimpse of the Scandinavian culture, and is perfect for people interested in cooking, locally produced food and nature, or for someone who wants to get a break from every-day stress and chores and catch their breath in the wonderful forest air, or anyone who loves hiking or is keen on trying a new outdoor activity with a group of friends!

Skåne in Southern Sweden is a great region for tourism in Sweden, since it gives you the possibility of discovering many different types of nature (and therefor also many types of fungi…), while many cultural attractions are still easy to reach!! So come discover Skåne!

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